We strive to provide modern solutions to fit the fluid nature of cyber security.

Dark Hunt Labs was founded on the idea that nothing remains constant, including our approach to cyber security. As our technology advances, so does the technology of our adversaries. For this reason, we decided to devote ourselves to producing quality, next generation products that scale to fit the needs of any organization. Security should never be a compromise.

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Our founding

We’ve seen hundreds of organizations who were compromised after an alert which would have notified them got lost in their SIEM, if it was ever captured at all. We are passionate about helping our clients discover and address these issues before it's too late. We started our group after years of watching clients struggle to strategically handle their own data. We specialize in producing unique solutions to fit your organization, empower your own security independence and break the one-size-fits-all mold. We focus on helping organizations implement repeatable processes that get the most out of existing security solutions and streamline the alerting cycle to help your organization stay secure.


Growth & beyond

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Our team

Dedicated to quality and your success

Adam Smith
Co-Founder & Head of Engineering
Christopher Stroud
Co-Founder & Head of Operations
Drew Hill
Consulting Head of Strategy